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Rabies Control

The Rabies Control services include the enforcement of Tennessee anti-rabies laws pertaining to small animal control and coordination of animal rabies vaccination clinics throughout Madison County.

If you are a resident of the City of Jackson and need assistance please call the Animal Control Office at 731-425-8545. For more information click here.

Fee Schedule

Owner of Animal
Fee Schedule

Adult Animals: $25.00
Pups-Kittens: $10.00
 Pick up Fee

Vaccination Fee
Dogs 3 Months or Older: $12.00
Cats 6 Months or Older: $12.00
 Daily Board Fee
 Registration Fee
(Dogs Only)
Madison Co Resident: $1.00
Non-Madison Co Resident: $0.00
Vaccination Fee
 Spay-Nueter Fee
Deposit of $25.00 is required
Prior to adoption
 Registration Fee
Rabies Control accepts Debit, Credit, Money Order, and Check.

 Vaccination Voucher is only valid in Madison County, and the animal must be vaccinated for Rabies within the first three days of purchase.

Tennessee Code Annotated 44-17-502 sets into law the requirement that all dogs and cats be spayed or
neutered as a requirement for adoption. Tennessee Code Annotated 44-17-505 allows the dog or cat to
be redeemed by the original owner with no requirement for the animal to be spayed or neutered if the
dog or cat is redeemed within 7 days of being taken into custody. Tennessee Code Annotated 44-17-
sets into the law the requirement of a deposit fee to be held until proof of the animal being spayed or
neutered has been presented to the agency, at which time the deposit will be refunded if the
following guidelines are followed:
* Dog or cat is adopted at the Rabies Control Department located 146 Miller Avenue, Jackson, TN
* A $25.00 adoption deposit will be added to other applicable fees for the adoption except in the
case of a redeemed animal by the original owner
* A numbered receipt will be provided as a record of the adoption
* Client will be provided a yellow copy to take to the veterinarian of choice within Madison
County for the registration and vaccination of the animal
* Client will be provided the white copy to be used for the spay or neuter procedure and to be
returned to Jackson-Madison County Rabies Control ATTN: George Rider, 146 Miller Ave,
Jackson, TN 38305
, to allow for the refund to be issued to proper party
* Spay or neuter procedure must be performed within 30 days of adoption of the animal
* White copy must be received at the health department within 10 days of the procedure being
performed with an attached receipt from the veterinarian office
* If the white copy with the receipt is not returned to the health department within 10 days of
the procedure being performed, any refund due to the original person adopting the animal
will be forfeited.


Tennessee Rabies Map

County issued rabies tags

Click here to see JRC Animal Inventory

Rabies Control is located at 146 Miller Avenue Jackson, TN 38305
and can be contacted at (731) 668-4211

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