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How does a complaint get processed?
  • If a resolution or regulation is being violated, the Code Enforcement Director would then send a Notice of Violation, via certified mail, indicating that the violation(s) are to be remedied within a certain amount of time, along with outlines of the penalties for the violation. The notice of violation also includes an estimated cost and a possible fine if not remedied within a certain amount of time.

  • If total compliance not met, the County shall cause the condition to be remedied and the costs shall be assessed against the owner of the property. A lien will be placed on the property and the County will seek a judgment in a Court of Law for the costs expended in the enforcement of these regulations.
  • Code Enforcement

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    1. What is Code Enforcement?
    2. How do I notify the County of a possible code violation?
    3. What types of complaints does the Code Enforcement Director investigate?
    4. How does a complaint get processed?

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